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Acquired in March 2007
visit: www.poolguardusa.com

Pool Guard is a leading manufacturer of several different pool safety options including swimming pool fences, gates and nets and is a distributor for pool safety covers. We know not all pools are the same, so it is our goal to provide the best pool safety options available. We recognize that every pool is unique and requires a unique safety solution.

All of our products are manufactured at the highest level of quality to not only meet, but also exceed ASTM and LNE pool barrier standards established in the United States and Europe respectively. Our products are backed by the best warranties in the industry, and our high standards in manufacturing, installations, and customer service have brought us forward as an industry leader for pool safety products.

Oakstone Companies is currently looking for add-on companies to complement this platform. If you have a company in which we may be interested, please contact us with the details.


Acquired in May 2015
visit: www.neurotekcorp.com

We are a customer focused, quality oriented company. We work hard to achieve complete customer satisfaction. As the result of many years of product testing and clinician feedback, NeuroTek is the only manufacturer of EMDR equipment that is authorized by the EMDR Institute to display our products at the many training sessions they facilitate. Our EMDR products are widely used throughout the world in numerous organizations including hospitals, military/police units and government facilities.

EMDR is a powerful psychotherapy approach to relieve many types of psychological distress that has helped an estimated 2 million people of all ages.

Oakstone Companies is currently looking for synergistic companies that sell neuro feedback equipment to psychologists, therapists and counselors. If you have a company in which we may be interested, please contact us with the details.